Tattoo Help

These frequently asked questions will help if you're new to tattoos, or just want to get acquainted with shop policy. If you would like additional information about tattoos, how to pick out what you want, how to choose an artist, find out about tattoo after care, and other topics, please visit the Tattoo Guide.

Do you have a shop minimum? Can I get it cheaper?
The shop minimum is $50. That means we cannot cover costs of our ink, sterilization process, and materials without it. Time of day, haggling, attitude, etc, will not lower the price. If cost is an issue please let us know up front and we might be able to edit your design or choose a different design that would take less time to do and therefore lower the price.
What should I expect to pay, on average?
It's hard to say; it depends on placement, skin, size, detail and coloring. Average range may be $100-$400. For larger areas the rate is usually per session - however long you can sit at one time and that varies widely person to person. Full back pieces or arm sleeves are are around 10 sessions on average.
Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, for life. That means if anything heals improperly we touch it up for free. The only areas we cannot guarantee are face, hands and feet, as those areas shed skin at a faster rate than any other place on the body. The longevity of your piece will largely depend on your care of your tattoo.
Are you permitted?
Yes! All permits are on display in the shop as well.
Can you tattoo a drawing I did/found on the internet?

Sure, bring a printed copy of it.
Does it hurt?

It will, but to help your body deal with the pain you should definitely eat a healthy meal an hour before, drink plenty of water, and please stay away from alcohol. Read my guide for first-timers that explains what happens the day of your tattoo and how to prepare for it.
Can I get a quote over the phone/email/internet?

Please come by the shop to talk in person if you are a new client. It's very hard to quote something without seeing where it will be placed in person. If we've done business with you before it will be easier to quote.